Useful Resources for Online Marketing


Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to get real-time reports, compare segments of time, monitor traffic just tailored to your liking. Google Analytics provides accurate and detailed reporting which features many dimensions and variables. Google analytics will show you where your users are and what page they are on. You can even tell what device, and from what source they are visiting your website from.

Google Ads

Feature your customized ads featured on Google using the Google Ads console. This great tool allows you to set up ad campaigns for your business. Google Ads provides detailed and accurate reports about your ads spend. If you cant monitor your ads, you are essentially flushing money down the drain. Managing your Google Ads is important so you do not waste any money. It will also provide data to show where your ads rank in quality.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides essential data related to your website on the Google search engine. Google Search Console provides essential data about any broken links or potentially dangerous issues with your website. You will be able to determine where bad links have been spotted. Google Webmaster Tools animates reports based on user experience and recovered data. In a nutshell, the Google Seach Console is to help your rankings.