A Little About Us

Fatalo’s a digital marketing agency was found by an entrepreneur Andrew Fatalo. Andrew Fatalo began his passion for web design in the late 1990’s. Contributing to his own self knowledge, Andrew was retaining years of experience before launching his own marketing agency. During high school Andrew became a web master in design and html. While continuing to grow his skills, Andrew became proficient in digital design, web design.

In 2014 Andrew Fatalo started a website selling online retail power mobility equipment. While entering the industry and disrupting a billion dollar industry. Andrew’s website became a very popular and lucrative business. As Andrew has been in the medical industry for more than 10 years, Andrew then branched out to service in the medical industry. Andrew launched a service based website, where users all over the United States could find repair technicians for their medical equipment.

In 2017 Andrew Fatalo launched a classified ads website selling used medical products. This was a place for end users, who are in need to cash, to be able to liquidate their personal medical equipment, by listing their products and their offer.

After being successful with his several websites and promotions for others. Andrew began taking on clients he was very selective with. As Andrew has excellent skills in search engine optimization (SEO), web design and coding, he put together the dream team of digital marketing. Fatalo’s is a premiere marketing company that not only specialized in the foundation of building a website, but to promote via ads and social media.

By 2019 Andrew Fatalo had launched several businesses all related to the internet and eCommerce transactions. He has helped business owners increase the return on investment (ROI) along with conversion rates within their website. Andrew Fatalo is very well known to medical marketers and manufacturers around the world today.

Mission Statement

Our Vision

To to ensure all of our customers are treated with the same digital marketing practices that Andrew Fatalo implements on a daily basis. By providing these services, and white hat practices, we can ensure that your business will flourish with optimization.

Our Mission

To bring your dream to a reality, by providing top quality white hat SEO services and premiere web design. While doing this we can progress your business to the top of the industry.

Our Values

Our values are to remain humble, but giving direct and unfiltered advise on where your business stands in the online market. Our values are to be transparent, straight forward with honest and integrity.

Our Team

We work hard for your success


Web Designer / SEO Specialist

Andrew Fatalo

Andrew Fatalo is a web designer and provides top-notch SEO practices. Andrew has been part of the service and e-commerce industry for over 10 years.

Campaign Manager

Social Media / SEO Specialist

Yasmin Fatalo

Yasmin Fatalo specializes and manages complex search engine ad campaigns. Yasmin also promotes social media services to help optimize your search results.

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