Drive your business with digital marketing.

Our expert digital marketing team will make your business flourish. We provide quality services with excellent results. From the web design services, to content management and everything in between, we will drive your business to an all new level. We specialize in all organic aspects of getting your website results seen on Google for "free." We also focus on SEM (search engine marketing) where we place ads for keyword search terms based upon your industry.


Fully responsive website development for ease of use on all devices.


Connecting your website, insuring maximum exposure on all search engines.


Live reporting of all your website data at the click of a mouse. Track your customers.


Engage in more traffic, convert more leads, and increase your return on investment.

Google Foundation


Search Engine Marketing
Organic Rankings
Increased Traffic
Increased Sales & Service

It is very important as a business owner to understand the power of search engine marketing. Most people are using search engines to find local or online businesses. While there are many websites out there, you have to make sure your website gets the optimum exposure, by increasing your traffic though, thru content management, site speed, and links relevant to your product and service. It is also very important to have a user friendly website to keep the bounce rate low.

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Google Analytics


Analyze Data
Track Rankings
Identify Traffic Sources
View User Actons

Digital marking allows us to use resources and tools to help you track your traffic’s footprints on your website. Programs like Google Analytics allow you to track traffic in many diverse dimensions of the data collected by Google. Google Analytics can help you determine where your most traffic is coming from geographically and from what websites. Google Analytics will allow you to determine what pages your users land on and what pages they spend the most time on.

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Ecommerce Solutions


Analyze Data
Track Rankings
Identify Traffic Sources
View User Actons

Embrace the power of the internet when it comes to selling products online. Fatalo’s e-commerce solutions will provide an uptick in your sales. Quickly and easily monitor sales through your own personalized dashboard. Ecommerce business solutions provide essential control of your ads spend, tracking popular products, and monitoring conversions through various tracking sources. Find out where your money is going and make sure it is not going down the drain.

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Our effective SEO services provide quality white-hat practices and proven results. We efficiently provide top-notch search engine optimization.

Web Design

From the foundation up, our web design services provide electrifying results rapidly. As always our websites are custom built, SEO ready, and SEM ready.

Social Media Management

We manage social media pages and update them frequently with quality content. This will increase your following.

Content Management

Our excellent content management team will update your blogs, and web pages increasing visibility for specific keyword phrases.


  • What services do you provide?

    Fatalo’s offers a wide variety services tailored to your needs and online presence. For instance we offer web design, coding, and search engine optimization. We also offer pay as you go services which include pay-per-click, a system used for granular targeting of prospective customer, using a budget of course.

  • Why should I do business with you?

    You should do business with us because of our proven track record. We also provide services to track the amount of traffic and leads generate to your website using our services. We are honest straight forward professionals and we don’t beat around the bush. Some of our clients are at the top of their industry in short time some take years. We can bring you to the top, but in most cases it takes some time. We believe that if it doesn’t make sense, we wont do it. We want to see your positive ROI (return on investment).

  • How do we begin the process?

    If you are interested in our services, you should fill out the online form to reach out to us. You can also call us directly to set up a free consultation. We will be able to provide you an online demo of our services. During this time we will be able to determine if we can help you within the scope of work needed.

  • How much do your services cost?

    There is no set price for our services. All of our services are completely variable. There is no set price on any service. Our prices are very competitive, honest and very straight forward. If you run a pay-per-click campaign you control the amount of money used. That could be six to twelve figures a month. In comparison, if you are just looking for website services, prices can start at a much lower one time cost.

  • Are your services something I could do?

    You can do anything if you really put your mind to it. The question should be, do I have enough time to learn how to do the services you offer? Our team has many years of experience and dedication to master web design services and digital marketing. Leave it to the pros.



President / SEO Specialist


Andrew specializes in search engine optimization. He designs, creates, fine tunes great performing websites.


Social Media / Ads Specialist


Yasmin specializes in social media performance and provides stellar and efficient performing search engine ad campaigns.


Our skills are well balanced and ready to take on any task. We feel that we have nearly mastered web-design, SEO, re-targeting, re-marketing, and pay-per-click campaigns. This is what it takes to have a solidly ran website.







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